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Happy Inspired Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to our beloved readers! We hope you celebrated our favorite holiday in a way that was both inspiring and fruitful. Paper Culture has set a goal to plant 1,000,000 trees, one for each new Facebook like. Click here to get going, and dedicate your tree to someone special. We’ve planted 200,000 since Earth Day last year and are looking forward to the many, many more trees we’ll be putting into the ground through 2012 and beyond.

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Me and Baby B: The Birth Announcement

Welcome to the official birth announcement for a series I’m calling “Me and Baby B”.  As for the “me” part, I’m, Christopher Wu, the CEO and co-founder of Paper Culture. Baby B is my precocious almost 3 year old daughter.  No, her name isn’t actually B, but you know, we live in a strange world and my wife only agreed to let me write this series if I left out some of the exact details.

Christopher Wu and Baby B

Me and Baby B

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