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Online Green Shopping Mecca, the king of all super convenient e-commerce sites, has launched a new online site dedicated to all things eco-friendly and green: The site sells earth-friendly products at super friendly prices across home and beauty, kids and babies, pets, apparel, grocery and more. But the best feature is when you use a coupon code when checking out (HEALTHYCHILD10), you’ll get $10 off your order, free shipping, and will donate $10 to Healthy Child Healthy World. Everybody wins.

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Unreal Candy, Just in time for Halloween

Can a candy bar really be considered healthy? Probably not. But everyone needs a treat now and then. And if you’re going to go down the candy aisle, bear in mind that there is a whole range of candy options from not-so-bad to pure chemical junk. You might as well go for something with minimal junk. Yet when it comes to getting a sugar fix, we don’t always have time to go to the health food store to pick up a favorite like chocolate-covered organic almonds. One company is trying to change all that: Unreal.

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What Not to Buy for your Newborn

It’s hard to know how to prepare for a new baby, especially if it’s your first. A dozen different books and articles will tell you to buy a dozen different things. But how many are actually necessary? Our friends at Inhabitots have compiled a handy list for what  you don’t need to buy. Check out this list of things that are just too excessive or can be easily swapped for something you already have. What? No changing table? Just convert any dresser by putting a changing pad on its surface with a safety strap. And of course your voice and tender love will prove to be more crucial in that first year than any toy could be. Next, think about swapping out a crib for a co-sleeper. Click to see more items you can do without,  a handy guide on how to cut down on overbuying in that first crucial year. Your home space, and landfills will thank you. What else would you add to the list?

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Real Swell Lunch Bottles

Do you ever struggle to get your kid to bring a reusable lunchbox and bottle to school, and bring them home for the next day? If you’re arguing with your child over a Fruit Punch juicebox vs an eco-friendly alternative, argue no more. Just send them off with the coolest gear in town. We stumbled upon these adorable bottles from Swell that are sure to make any kid protect their lunch goodies.

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The Natural First Aid Kid

Everybody’s got to have one in the car, to take on travel, and at home in the medicine cabinet. But how many toxins are in that amazing first aid kid? If you’re a parent who prefers to keep everything in the house as toxin-free as possible, consider NaturoKits, all-new naturopathic first aid remedy kids. Naturopathic medicine uses the healing power of nature to bring about balance to the body. It addresses the root problems instead of simply relieving symptoms.

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The Organic Conundrum

Image via Summer Tomato

I try to buy organic food whenever possible. But I’m in constant conflict. Often the prices are almost double what conventional produce would cost. Is it really worth the extra cost just to avoid some pesticides?  Of course not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. It’s recommended to try to at least buy organic on foods with thin skins, like berries and lettuce. With thicker items such as with citrus or bananas, it’s not as important to buy organic.

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American Grown: Gardening for Everyone

We’ve been looking for a good reason to start gardening, despite our lack of a green thumb, and found one with new inspiration from the First Lady herself. First-time author Michelle Obama has put together a photo-rich book, American Grown, on how her efforts to start a garden at the White House. It’s an inspiring book that shows us how to grow our own patch of green, no matter how big or how small. The book is part of Michelle Obama’s initiative in fighting childhood obesity with easy suggestions on incorporating more exercise and more vegetables into our lives.

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Healthy Homemade Sodas

Image: Romulo Yanes

Mayor Bloomberg recently announced that he plans on banning super-sized sugary beverages from New York City’s restaurants and food vendors. While it’s not without controversy, we can appreciate measures intended to create a healthier city. Indeed, Bloomberg’s ban on smoking in public places and trans fats from restaurants has set the bar high for many other major cities. The good news is that banning soda doesn’t necessarily mean limiting yourself to H2O for life, although there’s nothing wrong with that. For special treats, there are plenty of homemade sodas that can be made while skipping the sugar and the chemicals. And they’re simple and fun to make, even for kids. Here’s a few recipes to try at home from Cherry-Vanilla to classic Ginger.

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Let the sun shine!

All Three productsThe Environmental Working Group just came out with their Sunscreen Guide for 2012 and I was happy to see that my new favorite sun screen was included with flying colors.

I live in Santa Monica where it is nice and sunny all year round, if the fog burns off.  I am very fair and have sensitive skin,  as does my daughter. We both wear sunscreen every day (I sometimes show my age and tell her that we need to put on our “sun tan lotion!”) I like to use the more “natural” stuff, so I am always on the look out for Chemical free broad spectrum sunscreen. I have consistently had a problem where the sunscreen separates.  I get kind of nervous and I wonder, it if still works. Also, my skin is so sticky when I use it. [read more]

Would you buy baby products from Jessica Alba?

Lovely starlet Jessica Alba was just honored as one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. The reason might surprise you. After reading Christopher Gavigan’s groundbreaking book Healthy Child Healthy World, Alba was deeply affected to learn about the toxicity of our everyday baby products and household items. But rather than just feel saddened by the news, she brought her frustration to the author himself, telling him that while he presented a fair problem, he failed in offering a solution. So together, they started The Honest Co., a company dedicated to providing safe and natural products for your baby.

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