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An Earth Day story that makes us sad

We are obsessed with trees and paper at Paper Culture. That’s why the company was founded with the mission to design beautiful products inside and out using eco-friendly materials. All of our cards are made from 100% consumer recycled paper so no trees are harmed. We use bamboo for wall art as it’s one of the fastest growing renewable resources and 100% recycled fabric for our wall decals. In addition, we send your order in a #ReversibleBox which contains tree seeds for you to plant your own trees. We extend this ethos to our corporate office choosing earth friendly cleaning and paper products and energy efficient appliances.

This Earth Day and every day we celebrate trees, the unsung heroes. Trees provide protection, economic empowerment, food, stability, clean air, medicine, fuel, and so many other things we need and use daily. And of course, they are beautiful and peaceful. More than ever, reforestation is needed around the globe.



Paper Culture has planted over 350,000 trees to date in areas where reforestation is needed the most. The New York Times article, Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change noted that “Over time, humans have cut down or damaged at least three-quarters of the world’s forests, and that destruction has accounted for much of the excess carbon that is warming the planet.” Photo credits include Sean Conroe for the Wangari Maathai photo and Trees for the Future for the bottom photo shown.

– Paper Culture


Celebrating Earth Day & Arbor Day

Last week was both Earth Day & Arbor Day and Paper Culture celebrated these holidays in style! As many of you know, both these holidays have a very special meaning to Paper Culture. It has been our mission since our launch to not only build a sustainable business but one that also leaves our Earth in a better place as a result. We do this through using 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our cards and eco-friendly materials for our other products such as bamboo wall art and wall decals. In addition, we plant a tree with with every order with over 300,000 trees planted to date because of our wonderful customers. Trees are so important to our ecosystem for many reasons from the oxygen we breath to protecting endangered species through a natural habitat. Make sure you read our infographic for facts that will WOW you on the benefits of a tree.

We celebrated Earth Day at the City Hall of Millbrae where Paper Culture received a Commendation from the city for being a CoolCalifornia.og Climate Leader Winner. Can you guess what the Paper Culture team did on Arbor Day? We partnered with Spring Valley Elementary School in Millbrae to plant some trees and do a talk with the 4th grade students. These students were so inspiring and engaged from the questions they asked to seeing their impressive school garden.

Of course, we couldn’t plant trees without the appropriate attire. We always say, ordering with Paper Culture is as easy as One, Two, Tree since every order plants a tree.

Arbor Day T-shirts

The entire week had been sunny in the Bay Area and on the day of Arbor Day it was pouring rain. We decided we were not going to let this stop us. By the time we arrived at the school, the storm had passed and the rain made it easier to dig. We dug the holes, prepped the trees and then were ready for the students to help us fill in the holes. They were so excited to be a part of the process.

Planting trees on Arbor Day

We were lucky enough to have time with all the 4th grade students. First our CEO chatted with the kids about being a sustainable company and  the importance of being eco-friendly, trees and reforestation. After the talk, our Co-founder and Head of Design taught the students how to make origami trees out of recycled paper. It was a hit and the kids loved the forests they made.

How to make origami trees

The day was so special for all of the Paper Culture team members. We owe a very special thanks to Joel Wheeler who is one of the 4th Grade Teachers who helped put this together.

Also, a quick review of the history of these two holidays.

Earth Day – The first Earth Day was on Apri. 22, 1970 in America to draw attention and promote the environmental movement. Since then it has activated more than 1 billion people to get involved in Earth Day activities. The Earth Day Network was created as a result to continue the promotion of the movement around the world.

Arbor Day – It was started by a pioneer  in Nebraska named J. Sterling Morton. He and his fellow pioneers missed their trees along with needing them to keep soil in place and provide shade. On January 4, 1872 Morton first proposed a tree planting holiday called ‘Arbor Day’ to be celebrated on April 10, 1872. It was estimated more than 1 million trees had been planted. It eventually was named a legal holiday in Nebraska 1885 and other states adopted the holiday. Today the most common date for the state observance is the last Friday in April but some states observe it with the best tree planting weather. See full history at the Arbor Day Foundation.

How did you celebrate?


Throwing a Welcome Spring Party

Spring has been slowly unveiling itself since Daylight Savings was ushered in last weekend. What better way to welcome the season than with some fun ideas of throwing a spring party to welcome new life, growth and birth. Whether you’re celebrating it in remembrance of the resurrection or in the spirit of gift-giving and Easter egg hunts, here are some modern and eco ideas on how to throw a refreshing spring party.

Spring Party Mood Board

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It’s Holiday Card Time

It’s that time of the year again when you’ve got to decide whether or not to order holiday cards. Personally I get sad every year receiving fewer and fewer cards in the mail. There’s nothing quite like coming home to a full mailbox of holiday greetings and warm messages from friends letting me know how their year went. E-cards just don’t hold the same weight, literally and figuratively. Living in a time where e-mails are replaced by short tweets or Facebook messages, it’s often easy to forget how nice it can be do get a real card in the mail.

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Amazing Recycled Paper Art

If there’s one thing we love it’s paper. And we especially love when people turn it into art. One new artist takes it well beyond origami, creating gorgeous 3-D art out of recycled paper. Ali Golzad is an artist living in Texas, originally from Göteborg, Sweden by way of Tehran, Iran. With a background as a graphic designer and creative director, his latest project asks us to question how we normally look at waste and see something beautiful: “Over the years I have developed my own technique using various mediums,” he says. “Aside from my formal graphic design training and time spent as a Creative Director you could say I am a self taught artist. My urge to create while still caring for our planet enabled me to look at ordinary objects in a new light and transform these commonly discarded materials into something meaningful.” We love the innovative use of paper techniques to recreate well-known figures. More pictures after the jump.

DIY Baby Halloween

We recently showed you our favorite DIY paper masks for Halloween. But what if you have a newborn and don’t want to throw away money for a costume on year zero? Fortunately all you need to celebrate the holiday with your newborn is an old onesie, a scrap of fabric, and some. Check out Rachel Low’s costume templates to turn any onesie into a fun costume. You can even increase the pattern size with your printer and make a matching sweatshirt to wear out trick-or-treating.

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DIY Paper Halloween Costume

With 85% of textile waste going to landfills every year, Halloween can have a devastating effect on the environment. While it’s tons of fun to pick out a costume and dress up, any family can make a night of crafting DIY costumes, and avoid creating unnecessary waste. Look around for wornout clothes, old sweats, or too-small garments. Many of today’s costumes can be made by hand if you have a sewing machine. Or if you truly want to make something easy, consider making an easy paper mask to wear on top of a colorful outfit. Paper masks can be tons of fun for kids and adults to wear. There are lots of sites that offer outlines for you to print out. Just color them in, add some sequins and glitter and you’re ready to go.  For masquerade style, glue it onto a stick, or for easy-wear just add an elastic band.

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Online Green Shopping Mecca, the king of all super convenient e-commerce sites, has launched a new online site dedicated to all things eco-friendly and green: The site sells earth-friendly products at super friendly prices across home and beauty, kids and babies, pets, apparel, grocery and more. But the best feature is when you use a coupon code when checking out (HEALTHYCHILD10), you’ll get $10 off your order, free shipping, and will donate $10 to Healthy Child Healthy World. Everybody wins.

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Is This the World’s Best Water Bottle?

It started as a Kickstarter campaign. Designer David Mayer set out to create the perfect water bottle. The result is a square bottle that never rolls. Although the stainless steel bottle looks simple enough, it’s made from 16 different parts, in a process of 65 steps. Best of all, the bottle has a top and bottom lid that can be removed for easy cleaning. That comes in handy especially if you’re the type to tote around juice or smoothies and know the annoyance of washing a regular bottle.

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Electric Scooter Sharing Comes to San Francisco

These days when it comes to getting around in big cities, owning a car is no longer necessary. From Zipcar to DriveNow, there are tons of easy ways to just jump in a car whenever you need to run an errand, take a day trip, or go shopping. The ease of car sharing coupled with public transportation proves a great alternative to owning a car. But now one company has taken eco-friendly transportation a step further in San Francisco, a hotbed of transportation innovation. Enter Scoot Networks, a new electric scooter sharing system that allows for ultimate mobility.

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