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SMS Texting Celebrates 20 Years with Paper

Can you remember a time before text messaging? The relatively new invention was launched in 1992, but it’s hard to remember a time when this wasn’t one of our primary forms of communication. To celebrate 20 years, notebook innovator Moleskine has launched a special edition analog SMS text message. The tiny notebook comes with a cover launching pad and tiny messages such as “I Love You” and “Call Me” which can be folded up and launched via slingshot across a room. For us it recalls the schoolroom days when we’d get busted for writing a note and passing it to a friend. It’s a fun idea to celebrate a form of technology we now take for granted, and a great gift for anyone in your life with a smartphone addiction.

MUJI Connects LEGOS with Paper Fun

Japanese design company MUJI is the king of creating beautiful, simple goods in gorgeous packaging. So naturally they’d be amazing toy designers. We stumbled upon these  “Playing with LEGO bricks and paper” kits that look like endless fun for kids and grownups alike. Each set comes with a bag of lego bricks and coordinating paper that follows one of five themes: move, animals, Christmas, basic and vehicles. Muji sells a separate LEGO hole punch that creates the patented four-hole square lego mark in paper to connect sheets of paper into a variety of figures. When you run out of paper, use recycled note cards or construction paper to keep on playing. Props to MUJI for finding one more innovative use for paper.

Life Edited Simplifies Our Lives

Having just made a major move, I spent the last two months getting rid of most of my belongings, selling stuff, giving stuff away. It was a big realization for me of just how much I had accumulated in such a short amount of time. I had the space, so naturally I filled it. While it was very therapeutic to unload physical stuff, it was also very cumbersome. I made a decision to really start really thinking about my future purchases. Before buying anything new I would ask myself, is this going to take up a lot of space? Will I really use this? And is it worth the money? Buying for my new life, I hope to keep things pretty trim.

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Furniture that Grows with your Baby


From maternity clothes to baby toys, unless you have a repeat pregnancy, it’s often difficult to reuse the many things necessary to purchase when having a child. One company, Gro Furniture, is trying to reverse that, at least when it comes to baby furniture. They’ve developed two special cribs designed to be used for generations, which many uses in-between.

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New City, New Font

It’s easy to think of Milton Glaser’s “I Love New York” logo when thinking of the Big Apple, or the Hollywood sign when we think of Los Angeles, but it’s not often we can define an entire city by one particular typeface. There’s news coming out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that is intent on changing that. Brand designer D.J. Trischler and designer Jeremy Dooley are helping to redesign the identity of their city with a brand new font called Chatype.

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Draw Something… On A Paper Watch!

Happy Monday, Inspirees! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! As for me, well, I spent most of my weekend playing Draw Something – that popular new-age pictionary app that’s been making its rounds. I have to admit that it was the best thing for me to do this weekend to kill time in between waiting for the Hunger Games movie to start, my blueberry cobbler to bake, and my 5-month-old to wake up from her afternoon nap. We even got our CEO to join in on the Draw Something fun!

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Tesla Model X Review: Cooler than a Minivan, Roomier than an SUV

One of our most popular Facebook posts this year was when we posted pictures of the then just announced Tesla Model X. I remember the post because we debated internally whether you, our awesome community, really wanted to hear about a car. Well, after the enthusiastic response, not only are we glad we posted, but we decided to do some more investigation. We sent our intrepid reporter, Baby B to the seen for one of the first public unveilings of the Model X this weekend at Santana Row in San Jose, CA. (apologies for the less than professional photos – hopefully it just adds to the authenticity ;))

Tesla Model X with Reporter Baby B
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Giant Bird’s Nest for Humans

Birds Nest Bed for HumansHappy Monday, Inspirees! We hope that the annual Spring Forward of Daylight Savings did not cause anyone to lose too much of their beloved sleep. The crew at Paper Culture, especially those of us who are mamas and papas, sure do anticipate and appreciate those quick winks. 😉
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Baubauhaus for Design Inspiration


I’m not a designer, but having been lucky enough to be surrounded by designers for most of my life, I’m able to pick up some of their best tips. Before the web, the library was the go-to place for inspiration. Scrolling through old graphic design books, old posters, postcards, anything might get a designer’s brain going. Today the task is much easier, with thousands upon thousands of image websites, whose sole mission is to inspire.

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Bamboo Water Bottle – Cool!

At Paper Culture, we have a love affair with bamboo (see our bamboo wall art). That’s why we got excited when we discovered this bamboo water bottle from the Bamboo Bottle Company. It works for both hot and cold drinks, is BPA-free (yeah!) and it doesn’t leave that funny water bottle taste in your drink. And while we’re stealing a quote from their site, yes, we WILL drink to that! Did we mention how we love that it’s made from bamboo? For those of you who haven’t heard us talk about bamboo before, it’s one of the most amazing plants on the planet. In a single day it can grow taller than our CEO’s 4 year old daughter (Baby B – no, that doesn’t stand for Bamboo, but he’ll have to discuss that with his wife). It produces more oxygen per square foot than trees (though we love trees too), requires no pesticides to grow and it sure does look good too!

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