Electric Scooter Sharing Comes to San Francisco

These days when it comes to getting around in big cities, owning a car is no longer necessary. From Zipcar to DriveNow, there are tons of easy ways to just jump in a car whenever you need to run an errand, take a day trip, or go shopping. The ease of car sharing coupled with public transportation proves a great alternative to owning a car. But now one company has taken eco-friendly transportation a step further in San Francisco, a hotbed of transportation innovation. Enter Scoot Networks, a new electric scooter sharing system that allows for ultimate mobility.

The service is simple. Use the smartphone app to locate one of the 50 electric scooters spread out around San Francisco. Each scooter has a smartphone dock. Place your smartphone in the dock to unlock the scooter and go for a ride. Your smartphone turns into a dashboard offering GPS and ride info. No reservations necessary. The only catch is training is required for all riders. Rental fees are $5 an hour, or $10 for flat rate overnight use, much less than any car rental program, and akin to renting a bike. Would you try Scoot Networks if it were available in your city?