A Guide to Ecodesign

Back in the day, being eco-friendly often meant automatically having a flagrant disregard for good design in favor of a more hippie aesthetic. Today all that has changed. Indeed, to earn the title of eco-design today, a product has to not only be good for the environment, but also look great in the home, in your wardrobe, in the school or office. A new trilingual handbook, Ecodesign: Ecofriendly Objects for Everyday Use, written in English, French and German by Silvia Barbero, Brunella Cozzo, Paola Tamborrini serves as a guide for designing with an eco-conscious today.

The book provides ten practical approaches to sustainable design production, ranging from green technology to eco advertising to zero emission design. True ecodesign must take into account the entire lifecycle of a product from design to disposal (or reuse). The best products are multifunctional, flexible and recyclable. The book is full of rich images showing everyday products such as household objects, furniture, clothing and toys. There are many products that will be familiar to you, but also a wealth of surprises. It’s a must for anyone serious about ecodesign to learn the history of the movement and start designing for the future.