The Blender/Water Bottle Has Arrived

We’ve seen a bamboo water-bottle, BPA-free bottles, bottles built for tiny hands, and now when you’re craving a healthy fruity mix, the Aqua Zinger! The device is simple. Add some berries, mint, or fruit of your choice to the small capacity in the bottom. Twist it on, shake it up and let it sit. The mesh screen allows flavors to seep through without adding any pulp to your drink. You have an instant fruit-infused water that sure beats artificial sodas.

The Aqua Zinger makes it easy to get your eight required glasses a day. The bottle retails for $25.95. Personally, we don’t mind a little pulp in our water. Make your own delicious drink by adding lemon and mint, or blueberries and raspberries to your water. Let sit for 15 minutes, add ice and enjoy. Use carbonated water for a real soda-like alternative.