Picnica Tote Doubles as a Bunny

If you’re like us, you’ve had your fill of reusable totes. At one point our closet was so over-flowing with canvas tote-bags, we felt guilty of over-consumption. And then came this $290 Jill Stuart “designer” paper bag that made us roll our eyes. But then we came across this adorable creation straight from Japan, and realized our bag collection is not yet finished. Enter the bunny bag.This adorable bag from Eding:Post is a fold-up tote that folds up into a plush bunny rabbit.

It’s one bag I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. And it’s a good excuse never to be without a reusable tote to avoid having to use plastic or paper. Your child can take this cute toy anywhere, and when you’re in need, voila, instant reusable tote. Think of it as an eco-friendly transformer. The bag is on sale for $19 from A Plus R.