A Very Clever Brown Paper Bag


A trip of young designers created a shopping bag, the H+Bag, that folds into a hanger with easy-to-fold instructions that are printed right on the bag. Hyojun Jeon, Younha Hwang, and Minjae Kwan took a common problem, how to reuse the many paper bags we get in shops daily, and made a creative solution, turning it into something with a creative purpose that can complement that shirt we just bought. The result is a sleek hanger that helps save closet space. And they even takes a tip from the dry cleaners, who sometimes fold their own hangers to protect your delicates. By not using metal or plastic, the hangers won’t create unsightly bumps in your more sensitive fabrics.

The designers explain: “In order to face against environmental problem, instead of plastic bags, paper bags have been activated by [clothing retailers]. However, it was also proven ineffective since customers throw them away after using them once. This causes another problem with wasting natural resources.” We love how they created a double solution through design. And it’s a bag that any clothing store could adopt. Imagine never having to buy hangers again. The design is an entry in the 2012 iF Design Talents. But we truly hope it will be picked up and mass-produced.