The Organic Conundrum

Image via Summer Tomato

I try to buy organic food whenever possible. But I’m in constant conflict. Often the prices are almost double what conventional produce would cost. Is it really worth the extra cost just to avoid some pesticides?  Of course not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. It’s recommended to try to at least buy organic on foods with thin skins, like berries and lettuce. With thicker items such as with citrus or bananas, it’s not as important to buy organic.

But now science has proven that with at least one type of produce, buying organic means not just less toxins, but actually increased antioxidants. As The Daily Mail reports, when it comes to tomatoes, it’s definitely worth it to shell out for the organic variety. Scientists from the University of Barcelona found that organic tomatoes contained higher levels of polyphenols, or disease-fighting antioxidants. These polyphenols have been found to prevent certain types of cancer as well as protect against heart disease and chronic conditions like arthritis. What’s your stance on organic?