The New Design Handbook

In 2006, Architecture for Humanity released a compelling book that set the stage for how our future generations will think about design: Design Like You Give A Damn. It provided 80 contemporary solutions on how to provide shelter to our earth’s inhabitants. Now, Architecture for Humanity has come out with the sequel, Design Like You Give a Damn [2]The book provides over 100 examples of projects that provide great design and practical solutions that address issues like shelter, education, clean water and renewable energy. The book has already received accolades from the likes of Brad Pitt, who says, “No community is immune to the forces of climate change. If we have learned anything from Hurricane Katrina, it is that we must adapt. Good design accelerates the adoption of new ideas –and this book shows us how.” Read amazing case studies on coed skate parks in war-torn regions or incredible building materials like smog-eating concrete. The book is extremely powerful in that it is written not from technical architectural speak, but from a language that speaks to everyone. It presents ideas that will inspire anyone in their own daily lives, and serve as a how-to guide for anyone looking to shape their own environments.