Swing Table Combines Dinner and Playtime


The Swing Table from Duffy London epitomizes the latest trend of putting the fun back into design. Plus it’ a gorgeous setup. We love the four-poster design and central GEO lampshade. Eight chairs hang from the all-in-one setup, making mealtime or work time just a little bit more interesting. Plus, with all the latest news about how unhealthy it is to sit in a chair all day, this is one creative way to kick your feet up. If we could, we’d make our work station a swing set. You’re never to old to keep playing.

The materials come from managed forests and other controlled sources, done in tasteful walnut veneer and powder coated steel. Designer Chris Duffy says he makes his products as environmentally friendly as possible, taking the practical approach to sustainability. It’s the smart thing to do, not just for the earth, but for his company. Making products locally means better communication between the design and production teams. And low transport costs saves on both costs and carbon emissions. Saving money is a refreshing way to look at the benefits of green design, and an easy argument for anyone who needs convincing.