Playful Crocheted Wonderland

How many times have you been at a museum or gallery and wished you could interact or play with the art? Personally I’ve had to restrain myself more than a few times. In one instance, in a gallery in Japan, kids were unable to stop themselves from playing with a large crocheted installation by artist  Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. As a result, MacAdam listened to her audience and built her first large-scale crocheted playground just for kids in Tokyo. The result was something straight out of a fairy tale.

Over twenty years later, MacAdam is still designing gorgeous crocheted landscapes. She works with her husband in Nova Scotia, Canada to build the playgrounds on a wider scale through their company Interplay Design and Manufacturing. The playgrounds are all natural, free from sharp metals and plastic, and thus provide a safe and creative environment for kids to explore. The nets adapt and take shape with the children’s movements. Lucky kids get to crawl, jump, burrow and hop through the sculptures. We hope to see more of these popping up in cities around the world.