Little Sun: Rethinking Light

Artist Olafur Eliasson, known for bringing among other things, waterfalls to New York City, has just released a new project that is aiming to bring light to the world, literally. With his studio team in Berlin, he created Little Sun, a solar-powered light that can be placed anywhere, bringing a sustainable light source to the developed world where electricity is not always reliable.

Little Sun is available for people living in areas with normal access to electricity for $25 and for those living off the grid for approximately half price. The goal is to spread electricity to people who need it most. Five hours of natural light produces five hours of solar-powered light, and the battery has a lifespan of three years before it needs to be replaced. That’s a 90% savings over three years over kerosene lamps. It’s easy to see how this innovative business model and product can help out in a big way around the world. The light is small and practical, able to help light up a room, use as a campfire lantern, or as a bicycle light. Eliasson has big goals for the product, aiming to distribute 50 million lights by 2020. You can be one of the first to spread the light by ordering one here.