Denmark Opens Biking Superhighway

Photo via NYTimes

We’re so excited that summer is here and in full force. How have you been celebrating the sunny weather? Personally, I’ve been jumping on my bike every chance I get. I recently switched from a super-fast track bike to a slower commuter bike. It’s a lot heavier, but way more practical. It’s become my go-to mode of transportation. I throw on panniers and take it to the grocery store to load up on food for the week. I feel pretty lucky to live in a bike-friendly city. But when it comes to paving the road for bikes, it seems like Copenhagen has got everyone beat.

In a recent NYTimes story, Copenhagen announced its first ever bike superhighway, 11 miles of highway biking for commuters coming into the city from the suburbs. It’s a gorgeous morning ride along scenic farmlands, with bike pumps scattered along the way. Copenhagen acknowledges that biking means happier, healthier citizens with less city pollution. So they’ve taken all measures necessary to get people on their bikes. It also happens to be the easiest way to get around. Have you been biking this summer? What’s your favorite route?