Make Your Own (Professional) Cosmetics



With all the warnings about the toxins in households products, it’s often scary to think about what we’re slathering on our skin on a daily basis. Sometimes the surest way to be safe is by creating our own beauty products. While it’s easy to make an avocado face mask or olive oil hair treatment, what about more complex daily creams? European company Rowenta has created a new consumer product that lets users easily create professional products at home with naturally decadent ingredients.

Using “helical emulsion technology,” the Naturalis allows for perfect preparation of hot and cold creams, guaranteeing perfect texture and quality every time. Start with the emulsifier, a gelling agent and preservative, and add any ingredients of your choice from lavender to argan oil. A recipe book is included for recommended creations. Fun containers allow you to bottle your potions and protect them from going bad. The Naturalis appliance is currently in sale in France for around €200. It’s definitely an investment, likely only for those serious about making and gifting their own cosmetics. In the meantime, we’ll continue experimenting with a double boiler and mason jar.