Easy Blooming: A Self-Watering Plant

I love having green plants on my balcony. But my lack of knowledge about botanical science unfortunately leads to more than one droopy basil or tomato plants. Try as I might I never seem to be able to water them right. Herbs and plants can be a fickle lot, requiring just the right amount of sunshine and love to thrive. Thankfully one designer has found a novel solution to urban gardeners who lack gardening skills.

Joey Roth has created an amazing self-watering planter that not only looks chic indoors and outs, but takes all the guesswork out of watering a plant for you. Inspired by the ancient irrigation technique, Olla, the planter features a central chamber that allows water to seep into the soil through porous earthenware. It’s the plant’s natural need for water that drives the capillary action. Today, farmers still use Olla to conserve water in dry climates. But Roth has taken it a step further to bring the innovative design into homes anywhere. One planter can hold three herbs or six succulents. It’s a genius use of design that might just make having a gorgeous green spread that must easier for the rest of us.

Roth is a designer focusing on sustainable projects that help bring out the beauty in our everyday rituals. Check out his site for more info and to pre-order the planter.