Would you buy baby products from Jessica Alba?

Lovely starlet Jessica Alba was just honored as one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. The reason might surprise you. After reading Christopher Gavigan’s groundbreaking book Healthy Child Healthy World, Alba was deeply affected to learn about the toxicity of our everyday baby products and household items. But rather than just feel saddened by the news, she brought her frustration to the author himself, telling him that while he presented a fair problem, he failed in offering a solution. So together, they started The Honest Co., a company dedicated to providing safe and natural products for your baby.

The website has a super-fun customization process. Enter in details about what kind of charities you support, the issue closest to your heart, and how you would define your own style. They’ll come up with a personalized package that can be sent monthly to deck out your entire nursery. Or keep it simple and choose a monthly diaper package or monthly home essentials package, including everything you need from laundry detergent to shampoo, all completely non-toxic. And, you can sign up for a free trial to sample the products.

In typical Hollywood style, the Honest Co.’s diapers are some of the most fashionable we’ve seen. But more importantly they’re free from chlorine, perfume, lotions, PVC and heavy metals. They’re pure plant-based, bio-based from wheat and corn, and super comfortable. While the diaper debate, which are the best to use, could go on for ages, we trust that what’s good enough for Alba is good enough for us. When you’re in the spotlight it’s easy enough to lend your name to a worthy cause. We salute Alba for taking the extra step and showing her business prowess while she’s at it. If you’re tried any Honest Co. products, let us know what you think.