The Ever Evolving Crib

We at Paper Culture are all about raising our children green from Day 1. Whether by choosing eco diapers or finding innovative cribs that grow with our children, we love finding products that make it easy. But what about once your child finally outgrows that crib? Our friends over at Lil Sugar have put together a collection of repurposed cribs from creative mothers and scavengers.

Check these photos that show how a repurposed crib can turn into a stylish new desk, a classic bench, a craft station, or a bookshelf. All you need is a little bit of imagination and maybe the DIY help of a friend who knows their way around a toolbox. Let your kids take part and have fun with the painting and decorating and show them that no perfectly good piece of furniture has to end up on the street. And don’t just stop with the crib. Any baby item coud easily be turned into something new. Think a quilt out of old baby clothes, a collage made from old books, or a ladder from a wooden highchair. Have you ever recycled a baby item into something more functional?