Let the sun shine!

All Three productsThe Environmental Working Group just came out with their Sunscreen Guide for 2012 and I was happy to see that my new favorite sun screen was included with flying colors.

I live in Santa Monica where it is nice and sunny all year round, if the fog burns off.  I am very fair and have sensitive skin,  as does my daughter. We both wear sunscreen every day (I sometimes show my age and tell her that we need to put on our “sun tan lotion!”) I like to use the more “natural” stuff, so I am always on the look out for Chemical free broad spectrum sunscreen. I have consistently had a problem where the sunscreen separates.  I get kind of nervous and I wonder, it if still works. Also, my skin is so sticky when I use it.

One of my Mom friends recently turned me on to Dr. Robin Sunscreen for Children. She told me that she used it on her ginger-haired son when they were in Hawaii. Not only did he not get burned, but his skin was softer after using it. So I tried the sunscreen and I have been very happy with it. Dr. Robin is a mom and a pediatric dermatologist based in Beverly Hills. Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention. She couldn’t find a sunscreen that she would recommend to her clients, so she made one up. And the best thing is that you don’t have to be her patient to buy it.

Dr. Robin Sunscreen for Children goes on smoothly and is not sticky. And as a big plus is it easily absorbed. I use it every day now. I will admit that I do look a bit pale, not like I am trying to be Goth, but I am a bit ghostly. I figure that it is better than being beet red and looking like a clown.

Dr. Robin also makes a lotion and shampoo/body wash that are for children and people with normal to sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin. The lotion goes on really nicely and makes my skin feel so soft. I love it. The shampoo/ wash is sodium Laurel Sulfate, Parables, Phthalates free!

All Dr. Robin products say that they are for children, but I figure, if they are gentle enough for my kid, it should work for me. And they do.