Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the time of the year to honor the woman who gave us the most. Bamboo Wall Art makes a great Mother’s Day present. Just choose your favorite photo of you and mom and upload. Customize with a variety of sweet designs. In addition to bamboo’s wide-ranging green qualities, Paper Culture plants a tree with each order, so it’s a win win. Click here for details. But perhaps you want to go even more DIY and make something from scratch for mom. Here are some easy ideas that will be sure to put a smile on her face.

Breakfast in Bed.

We love this recipe for easy blueberry vanilla pancakes from the BBC. Add a few scoops of ice cream or whipped cream? Why not. It’s Mother’s Day after all. Pair with real maple syrup and fresh fruit. When it comes to breakfast in bed, presentation is everything. Cover the tray in fresh flowers or add a few momentos that you know are particularly important to mom.

Decorative Boxes.

Speaking of mementos, these easy-to-make fabric boxes are a gorgeous way to store any keepsake. All you’ll need is a box, fabric, glue, scissors and decorations. Choose fabric in colors mom loves. And be sure to put a few of your favorite family photos in the box to get the collection going.

Homemade Beauty.

For some reason exfoliating scrubs are one of the most expensive things to buy, but one of the easiest things to make. Literally all you need is oil, sugar (or salt) and scent. Whip up a quick and fun body scrub, throw in some natural essential oils and package it in a mason jar with a beautiful ribbon. Make a few different kinds and surprise mom with a small beauty basket.