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The other day I saw a baby in a stroller, just barely big enough to hold a bottle, playing with her very own iPad. Although a bit of a shocker, it’s not so unusual these days that kids receive tablets or smartphones long before a pen and paper. While iPads can be a distracting toy, they can also be used for educational purposes to give your child a head start. But while there’s so much on the web we wouldn’t want our kids stumbling upon, fortunately a new app makes sense of it all: Happly.

Happly navigates the web so you don’t have to, keeping your children away from violent or inappropriate material. But rather than focusing on what it blocks like most safety nets, it focuses on the positive, offering a wealth of premium fun content. Think of it as iPad curation for your child. Happly has partnered with National Geographic photographers and award-winning children’s book authors to deliver a fun daily iPad experience that will keep your kid entertained and educated. If you choose to give your kid technology so early on, make sure the content is positive and worthwhile. Happly is a great way to start the conversation. What apps do you enjoy to use with your children?