Bring the Farm Indoors

There’s no secret to the enormous benefits of filling your home with live plants. They clean the air, uplift your mood, and increase energy flow into your space. But what if you went a step further and put a plant in literally every free space available? What if you grew kale in your couch or parsley in your desk? One artist imagined just that scenario at a new show at the aptly named New York gallery Mixed Greens.

Jenna Spevack’s latest show, “Eight Extraordinary Greens,” re-imagines furniture as farmland. Spevack’s work aims to show how easy urban farming can be, and how readily accessible greens should be, regardless of your income. The artist began her own experiment into apartment farming by converting her bookshelf into a mini greenhouse, complete with a sub-irrigation system for growing energy-packed plants, or microgreens. The gallery features a desk, chair, cabinet, couch and suitcase blooming with luscious plants. Rather than set an established price for the greens, visitors to the gallery can purchase microgreens for any donation. Proceeds go toward local urban farming initiatives.