Life Edited Simplifies Our Lives

Having just made a major move, I spent the last two months getting rid of most of my belongings, selling stuff, giving stuff away. It was a big realization for me of just how much I had accumulated in such a short amount of time. I had the space, so naturally I filled it. While it was very therapeutic to unload physical stuff, it was also very cumbersome. I made a decision to really start really thinking about my future purchases. Before buying anything new I would ask myself, is this going to take up a lot of space? Will I really use this? And is it worth the money? Buying for my new life, I hope to keep things pretty trim.

I recently stumbled upon a great new website,, created by founder Graham Hill. The motto of the site is “More money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy. It’s life. Edited.” The site was started after Hill decided to create the perfect space out of a small apartment. The resulting apartment changes into a guest room, screening room, meditation room, workspace and more. As I look for new apartments, I’m continuously thinking perhaps I don’t need a large space. Sometimes a smaller space looks more appetizing because it would force me to consolidate what I own, rather than to feel the need to buy and buy for the space.

Life Edited presents daily inspiration for ways to downsize your belongings. How about a dress that can be worn three ways? Or try a ThinBike, that you don’t have to fold up every time, but a few simple twists will allow it to shift from 21″ to 6″. We like this post about a Netflix for child’s toys. A host of services are offering delivery services that send new toys monthly. Kids don’t get bored, and you don’t have to worry about saving space with stacks of old toys. Each service rigorously cleans and disinfects the toys before sending out again.

In my current apartment hunt, I’m considering a furnished place over unfurnished. The idea of buying and lugging up furniture four flights of stairs seems like the one thing I want to avoid right now, even if I have to pay a premium. And I know that the less stuff I have now, the more mobile I’ll be in the future. Do you have any great tips for editing your possessions?