Furniture that Grows with your Baby


From maternity clothes to baby toys, unless you have a repeat pregnancy, it’s often difficult to reuse the many things necessary to purchase when having a child. One company, Gro Furniture, is trying to reverse that, at least when it comes to baby furniture. They’ve developed two special cribs designed to be used for generations, which many uses in-between.

Their design incorporates simple lines and gorgeous construction work that never goes out of style. In our consumption-driven economy, it’s hard to imagine buying a product you’ll have forever. But when you can find it and make the investment, the result is less waste that goes a long way in helping the planet.

Gro Furniture has two products out now. The p. pod 5-in-1 companion crib features a non-toxic birch ply and the bam b. incorporates solid amber bamboo for a unique modern look. Both assemble in under two minutes for busy parents, with interlocking parts that means no lost screws. And both, when purchased as complete kits, convert over their lifespans into a toddler bed, a low and a high desk/playtable, and a daybed.

Each component can be added on as your child grows, or swapped back to an adjustable crib if you have another one on the way. While the cribs aren’t cheap ($990-$1890), when you think about how many products you’re getting, it turns out being a steal. Now more than ever green design means multifunctional design, as innovative product designers are finding more and more uses out of one single product.