Eco-Emi’s Green Goods of the Month Club

A slew of startups, from Birchbox to TestTube are allowing ladies to sample new beauty products monthly. You sign up for a subscription (anywhere from $10-$50) and get a surprise box with a selection of miniature or fullsize samples to try out monthly or quarterly. We tried out Birchbox, and were disappointed by the small size of the samples. (Why pay for free samples?) Although most people don’t need more toiletries to fill their beauty kits, it’s a fun service that feels like getting a surprise present in the mail every few weeks.

We just discovered Eco-Emi, based in St. Charles, MO, a company that operates on the same principles, but with green goodies. The growing world of organic products can be daunting in deciphering the good from the bad. Eco-Emi gives users a carefully-curated selection of products to help them discover what’s worth adding to their daily regime. A recent box included nine samples, including eco-friendly bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and fragrance, all from companies with a conscience. At $15 a month, including shipping, the products turned out to be well worth the cost. We think an eco stationery box of the month club would be a fun idea, and it would certainly get us writing more personal letters.