Giant Bird’s Nest for Humans

Birds Nest Bed for HumansHappy Monday, Inspirees! We hope that the annual Spring Forward of Daylight Savings did not cause anyone to lose too much of their beloved sleep. The crew at Paper Culture, especially those of us who are mamas and papas, sure do anticipate and appreciate those quick winks. 😉

Cool Bird's Nest Bed for KidsGood thing there are folks like O*GE Creative Group who are coming up with new ways of sleeping comfortably and creatively. They take “nesting” literally with their whimsical Giant Birdnest Bed, a massive bed which replicates a bird’s nest in human-sized proportions. It is designed in mind for everyone – as a social space for friends to work and socialize in or as a relaxing area for loved ones to nap in and embrace much-needed quiet time. O*GE has only one instruction on how to use this bed: Simply jump in and enjoy.

We at Paper Culture are also advocates of nesting – both figuratively and literally – as we have tons of bird’s nest cards for mommy-to-be’s. The Nesting Birds baby shower invitation is a bestseller. As for me, I wouldn’t mind burying myself in this nest bed like a bird and drifting off to Neverland. Zzz.
Nesting Birds Baby Shower Invitation