Farm to Baby Delivery Food Service

When it comes to eating right, there’s a diet out there for almost every type of food preference. However, there’s one rule that almost every living-well philosophy can agree upon: stay away from processed food. The trend of bringing fresh food straight from the farm to your table has prompted many a new mother to forego traditional jars of baby food and make their own. But without the right tools and planning ahead, it’s hard to take the extra step for many a new mother with a million other things on her plate.

A new company, based in New York, Farm to Baby, takes all the stress out of the constant dilemma of what to feed our kids. Farm to Baby works with a select group of local farms, choosing only those that forego harmful herbicides and pesticides, to choose in season crops chock full of nutrients. They deliver freshly pureed food in glass jars to feed your baby throughout the week. Plans range from “Sit” at $45 a week to “Crawl” at $99 a week, depending on the volume of food your child needs. This week’s menu includes delicious mashes like purple top turnips and kabocha squash. When you’re done they pick up the jars and recycle them, meaning a zero waste menu.

Although a food delivery system seems a bit excessive and indulgent for a newborn, it’s a healthy program that any busy mom could appreciate. And starting your baby early on nutritious food can set them on a lifelong path of eating well. Expect to see this type of service opening in cities nationwide very soon.