Draw Something… On A Paper Watch!

Happy Monday, Inspirees! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! As for me, well, I spent most of my weekend playing Draw Something – that popular new-age pictionary app that’s been making its rounds. I have to admit that it was the best thing for me to do this weekend to kill time in between waiting for the Hunger Games movie to start, my blueberry cobbler to bake, and my 5-month-old to wake up from her afternoon nap. We even got our CEO to join in on the Draw Something fun!

So, in spirit of OMGPOP bringing back the fun of drawing and pictionary with Draw Something, we want to feature this cool product: the Paper Watch from Suck UK. According to the makers, it is a paper watch made from a blank canvas. Generally, a plain watch made from tear-resistant paper-style material with a built-in digital watch. We love it for a number of reasons. First, it’s a paper watch. I don’t know about any of you, but I used to make paper watches in elementary school, so it’s definitely a trip down memory lane. Secondly, you can take recycling to another level by giving paper a second life. You can also use it as a unique way to send party invitations or even give as a gift – even funnier, write a “Don’t Be Late” message on it! Lastly, we love the Paper Watch because it lets us draw something…on a watch.

You can find this watch on Amazon for a little under $11, but if you hurry now, they’re selling it on Busted Tees as the Deal of the Day for $9. At Paper Culture, we also have a few countdown to noon clock themed party invitations that feature artistic representations of the face of a clock. Can you imagine throwing a birthday party using one of these invites and handing out the Paper Watch as a goody bag? Priceless. Or rather… Timeless.