Baubauhaus for Design Inspiration


I’m not a designer, but having been lucky enough to be surrounded by designers for most of my life, I’m able to pick up some of their best tips. Before the web, the library was the go-to place for inspiration. Scrolling through old graphic design books, old posters, postcards, anything might get a designer’s brain going. Today the task is much easier, with thousands upon thousands of image websites, whose sole mission is to inspire.

Lately, my favorite is Baubauhaus. Started by two guys in Romania, Baubauhaus is a “garden” of photos, posters, illustrations, graphics, product design, and typography. Whenever I’m in need of a five-minute break or simply a visual dessert, I scroll through the seemingly endless images on the site, from old advertising spreads to new photoshop wonders to vintage film posters. It has an intuitive search that lets you dive into decades of historical design within a few seconds. If you click on a yellow image, you’ll get dozens more great yellow pictures. Clicking on a pop art image will get you loads more of pop images. With the nonstop clutter on the web, it’s great to have a carefully curated site to help needle through the drudge. What are your favorite sites for visual or written inspiration?