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Draw Something… On A Paper Watch!

Happy Monday, Inspirees! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! As for me, well, I spent most of my weekend playing Draw Something – that popular new-age pictionary app that’s been making its rounds. I have to admit that it was the best thing for me to do this weekend to kill time in between waiting for the Hunger Games movie to start, my blueberry cobbler to bake, and my 5-month-old to wake up from her afternoon nap. We even got our CEO to join in on the Draw Something fun!

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Stripes: Inspiration of the Week

At Paper Culture, our current products consist primarily of social stationery and wall art. However, we’ve always looked far beyond those arenas for our design inspiration. Our blog, Inspired, is about our journey to find eco friendly and modern design inspiration. Internally, we often create moodboards to capture different design inspirations. We thought we would share with you some of our favorites by posting a moodboard of the week. Each week, we’ll share a theme and show you how at least one of our products was inspired by this theme.

This week, we are in love with stripes. There’s something about the mix of thick & thin lines and alternating colors that makes this pattern a classic yet timeless mainstay. We’re loving how easy and breezy they look on a summer dress, yet how modern and sleek dark stripes look on a white watch. You can see just how much we are inspired by stripes – just type “stripes” in our website and you’ll find our collection of cards that pay homage to this versatile design! One of our favorites is our birth announcement featuring bright modern stripes.

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Tesla Model X Review: Cooler than a Minivan, Roomier than an SUV

One of our most popular Facebook posts this year was when we posted pictures of the then just announced Tesla Model X. I remember the post because we debated internally whether you, our awesome community, really wanted to hear about a car. Well, after the enthusiastic response, not only are we glad we posted, but we decided to do some more investigation. We sent our intrepid reporter, Baby B to the seen for one of the first public unveilings of the Model X this weekend at Santana Row in San Jose, CA. (apologies for the less than professional photos – hopefully it just adds to the authenticity ;))

Tesla Model X with Reporter Baby B
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Farm to Baby Delivery Food Service

When it comes to eating right, there’s a diet out there for almost every type of food preference. However, there’s one rule that almost every living-well philosophy can agree upon: stay away from processed food. The trend of bringing fresh food straight from the farm to your table has prompted many a new mother to forego traditional jars of baby food and make their own. But without the right tools and planning ahead, it’s hard to take the extra step for many a new mother with a million other things on her plate.

A new company, based in New York, Farm to Baby, takes all the stress out of the constant dilemma of what to feed our kids. Farm to Baby works with a select group of local farms, choosing only those that forego harmful herbicides and pesticides, to choose in season crops chock full of nutrients. They deliver freshly pureed food in glass jars to feed your baby throughout the week. Plans range from “Sit” at $45 a week to “Crawl” at $99 a week, depending on the volume of food your child needs. This week’s menu includes delicious mashes like purple top turnips and kabocha squash. When you’re done they pick up the jars and recycle them, meaning a zero waste menu.

Although a food delivery system seems a bit excessive and indulgent for a newborn, it’s a healthy program that any busy mom could appreciate. And starting your baby early on nutritious food can set them on a lifelong path of eating well. Expect to see this type of service opening in cities nationwide very soon.

Would you spend $50 on a lightbulb?

Why so much outrage over a lightbulb? The Department of Energy recently awarded a $10 million “L-Prize” to Philips for creating an “affordable” $50 green lightbulb, as a step in its effort to ban traditional incandescent lightbulbs. The new 30-year bulb, available now, sweeps any top CFL bulb under the table. But many are up in arms over why the government would help fund a product that has such a high initial price tag.
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Giant Bird’s Nest for Humans

Birds Nest Bed for HumansHappy Monday, Inspirees! We hope that the annual Spring Forward of Daylight Savings did not cause anyone to lose too much of their beloved sleep. The crew at Paper Culture, especially those of us who are mamas and papas, sure do anticipate and appreciate those quick winks. 😉
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Baubauhaus for Design Inspiration


I’m not a designer, but having been lucky enough to be surrounded by designers for most of my life, I’m able to pick up some of their best tips. Before the web, the library was the go-to place for inspiration. Scrolling through old graphic design books, old posters, postcards, anything might get a designer’s brain going. Today the task is much easier, with thousands upon thousands of image websites, whose sole mission is to inspire.

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Bamboo Water Bottle – Cool!

At Paper Culture, we have a love affair with bamboo (see our bamboo wall art). That’s why we got excited when we discovered this bamboo water bottle from the Bamboo Bottle Company. It works for both hot and cold drinks, is BPA-free (yeah!) and it doesn’t leave that funny water bottle taste in your drink. And while we’re stealing a quote from their site, yes, we WILL drink to that! Did we mention how we love that it’s made from bamboo? For those of you who haven’t heard us talk about bamboo before, it’s one of the most amazing plants on the planet. In a single day it can grow taller than our CEO’s 4 year old daughter (Baby B – no, that doesn’t stand for Bamboo, but he’ll have to discuss that with his wife). It produces more oxygen per square foot than trees (though we love trees too), requires no pesticides to grow and it sure does look good too!

Available at online stores everywhere including Amazon:

Happiness Makes You More Productive

It’s that time of the year for TED, which means thousands of the world’s top creative minds are gathering in Long Beach, California this week to hear short, inspiring talks from some of the greatest minds in technology, entertainment and design. This year features the likes of poet Billy Collins, climatologist James Hansen, and energy theorist T. Boone Pickens. 2011 TED Award recipient, street artist JR, presented his Inside Out Project at the conference. Inside Out let people send in photos of themselves and receive giant posters in the mail of the portrait to paste up in their own environment. I produced the website with TED in the early stages of its design and love taking breaks to browse the now-populated site full of people’s pictures from all over the world.

In celebration of TED for those of us not on the ground, here’s a fresh video from TEDx Bloomington, Indiana, featuring Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think Inc. Achor specializes in positive psychology and tackles the happy secret to better work in the above video. It’s the best 12 minutes I’ve spent all day.

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