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Natalie Jeremijenko’s Design Revolution

Last week I had the pleasure of having my mind blown by a speech from Ms. Natalie Jeremijenko at a Lucid NYC event, a networking dinner that entertains with short presentations by big thinkers. Often I think the best solutions to environmental problems come from designers, and Jeremijenko has the distinct privilege of being an artist whose background spans biochemistry, physics and neuroscience. When solutions to giant problems are packaged through the mind of a designer, they’re easier digested by the public. She has a unique ability in making environmental solutions into concrete ideas and products that anyone could adapt. Additionally, Jeremijenko is dealing with issues in our own backyard, issues that affect New York City, but with solutions that could be implemented in any city in the U.S.

Here’s a look at some of the greatest projects she’s created so far through just a simple twist of modern design and science:

The Environmental Health Clinic

Visitors make an appointment and visit this NYU clinic similar to any medical facility. However, once they see a doctor they tell about a problem not just affecting them, but about their immediate environment. Once diagnosed, they leave with a prescription that can’t be filled at a drug store, but rather by actions to improve their surroundings. You can make an appointment on the website.

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