A Whale of a Birth Announcement

Guest Blog Post by Ashley of Green Eyed Monster and Blog a la Cart

Paper Culture Note: We thought that what Ashley did with her birth announcements was so fun, that we asked if she wanted to write about it for Inspired and she agreed. Enjoy!

When my husband and I decided to name our daughter Courtland Whaley Cart, I knew instantly that I wanted to find an appropriately themed WHALE birth announcement to mark her arrival. I turned to Mr. Google and scoured the Internet for cute, affordable, and if possible, recycled paper birth announcements. I don’t think any of you reading this are surprised to hear that Paper Culture had cards that fit all three criteria in spades. Not only was a thrilled to find that they had a number of whale designs from which to choose, I was equally pleased to read about the company’s admirable eco-commitment. I know that the most earth-friendly option would have been for me to forgo a paper announcement altogether, but I find that there is nothing better than beautiful, well-designed snail mail to mark such a special occasion as the birth of a child.

I worked with Paper Culture’s wonderfully accommodating and speedy design team to craft the announcement just as I had envisioned it. Given that I am a bit of a crafting nerd, I opted to use the quilted whale announcement as a nod to the crafty-Mama from who Courtland came. Since the design included a cross-stitched whale, I put those crafty skills to work and created an embroidered whale to mimic the design. I then had the embroidery work framed with the announcement. It now hangs right over sweet Courtland’s crib.

I received so many compliments from friends and family on the card and it’s all thanks to Paper Culture. I hope that one day Courtland will look very fondly upon this token of her welcome to the world.

You can find Ashley blogging about art, design and all things crafty at Green Eyed Monster (http://greeneyed.com) and about all things mommy and baby at Blog a la Cart (http://blogalacart.com).