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Classic book cover t-shirts for kids and grown ups

Yesterday, my daughter and her friend Gabriel were loudly debating the merits of their respective t-shirts – Hello Kitty vs. Ben 10. Hers was more beautiful and his was more powerful. Suddenly, it got me thinking, beside Princess and Transformer costumes, what else could they wear to make them be that inspired?
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Did your post-Thanksginving consuming include shopping or turkey?

Time for a little unscientific poll: How many of you braved the crowds for Black Friday? How many shopped from the comfort of your own home? Or are you waiting for Cyber Monday? And how many of you didn’t shop at all? [read more]

Being Thankful for Thanksgiving and thank you notes.

I have been thinking about being thankful, maybe more than usual+, since I have been writing lots of thank you notes lately. As you may have read, I recently “made” as my Aunt Aileen would say, a birthday party for my daughter. I was finally over the whole party process – preparing, hosting the party and cleaning up the sprinkles. And then suddenly Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season are here. What happened to the year? [read more]

Budding Fashionistas Unite!

I just spent the weekend in San Francisco with my friends, a family that was obsessed with Project Runway. It seemed to me that if they weren’t watching the show, the kids 11, 8, and 7 were downstairs in the craft room sewing (yep, the craft room)! Sunday morning before their parents were awake, the kids were all making outfits for Sasha’s American Girl Doll and her horse. I know that they also re-construct old clothing; make animal sweater scarves, felt creatures and wrist-warmers. [read more]

A Whale of a Birth Announcement

Guest Blog Post by Ashley of Green Eyed Monster and Blog a la Cart

Paper Culture Note: We thought that what Ashley did with her birth announcements was so fun, that we asked if she wanted to write about it for Inspired and she agreed. Enjoy!

When my husband and I decided to name our daughter Courtland Whaley Cart, I knew instantly that I wanted to find an appropriately themed WHALE birth announcement to mark her arrival. I turned to Mr. Google and scoured the Internet for cute, affordable, and if possible, recycled paper birth announcements. I don’t think any of you reading this are surprised to hear that Paper Culture had cards that fit all three criteria in spades. Not only was a thrilled to find that they had a number of whale designs from which to choose, I was equally pleased to read about the company’s admirable eco-commitment. I know that the most earth-friendly option would have been for me to forgo a paper announcement altogether, but I find that there is nothing better than beautiful, well-designed snail mail to mark such a special occasion as the birth of a child.
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An invitation for my Princess, Ballerina, Fairy birthday girl.

A few days ago my daughter got an invitation for her party in the mail, but I didn’t send it. Paper Culture did.

As you may know, I recently started writing the “Inspired” blog for Paper Culture. Before I started my job, I did some research — I looked at the site. I checked out the assortment of cards and designs that were available. But I hadn’t really experienced Paper Culture until now. My daughter is turning four next week and I am making, as my Aunt Aleen from NJ would say, a party for her. This year I am doing the tried and true “age of the child plus one extra guest.” I have gone to too many 4-year-old birthday parties recently, where the birthday child has been in meltdown mode for the last half hour of the party. Also my daughter just started a new school, so I wasn’t really sure, who to invite. Here is my experience:
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