Take a peek at some nice ink. Tatt Book: Visionaries of Tattoo.

Tatt Book: Visionaries of Tattoo is finally here! The tattoo tome was curated by my friend, Joseph Ari Aloi aka JK5 with a forward by Paper Magazine’s and man-about-town, Carlo McCormick.

Aloi is an amazing tattoo artist and a visual artist as well. It is hard to have a friend, who does such amazing work, if you are like me and can never decide on an actual image for a tattoo (I suffer terribly from food envy too). But the photos in this book may actually inspire me to finally get one.

Aloi told me that his “curatorial vision was to find technically proficient tattooists that had inventive forward thinking aesthetics and style. And that were multi-disciplinary and pursuing other projects. My old friend and collaborator on my first book, subconsciothesaurusnex, Matt Houston, designed the book. We decided to do a modern, clean and sophisticated design for the genre.”

Aloi picked twenty-six amazing contemporary tattoo artists to be in the book including: Mike Giant, Steve Byrne, John Reardon, Mike Davis, Stephanie Tamez and among others. Aloi had previously worked with some of them, as tattoo artists frequently travel to other shops to work for brief periods of time, or he had heard about them through the “tatt” grapevine. The artists share documentation of some of their beautiful work. I found it really interesting to read the inspiration for their work as well as to see examples of their non-tattoo art. Most of the times you can see the similarities in their art and their work, but sometimes, it makes you wonder. Lango Nator’s sick street art looks nothing like his powerful tattoos. While Amanda Wachob’s work in both her tattoos and art work leans towards vivid abstraction. But her tattoos don’t look like traditional tattoos in the least.

I don’t know if I will ever get inked, but at least I will have a great source of inspiration when I want to…