Greener eco-diapers for your baby’s bum.

Last weekend we were at Todlerbaloo, the most fantastic toddler festival in West Los Angeles. In addition to the hay maze; a whimsical garden where kids could decorate crowns; face painting; an art-teepee; bouncy houses; games; yoga for kids (this is West LA after all!), etc., there were all sorts of booths with people promoting their eco-friendly kid products and services.

I saw the booth for Bambo Nature diapers, but I didn’t go there, because my daughter has been diaper free for a over a year! I still cringed when I think about those days of explosive poops and leaky night diapers. My friend did speak to the guy at the booth and bought some diapers, since her son isn’t going to be diaper free for a bit. A few days later she told me about how awesome these diapers were.

I put on my detective hat and did some research. Bambo Nature diapers are manufactured in Denmark. While it might not seem very eco to have diapers travel across the Atlantic, these diapers have the Nordic Ecolabel or “swan” on them, which means that the transportation of the diapers has been taken into account and off-set by some other means. From what I understand, the Nordic Ecolabel has a series of criteria that manufactures must follow and be regulated via independent labs. Products can’t contain toxins, or allergens. They must be equally as good, or better than comparative non-eco products and they must be sustainable. This seal helps to inform consumers so that they can make the most environmentally sound choices when shopping. And you know that those Scandinavians are serious about the environment.

This means that in addition to being 80% bio-degradable and 95% compostable, the Bambo Nature diapers are allergen and toxin free, which is super nice for your baby’s bum. The “fluff” in the middle is made from wood pulp and it is bleached using the best available method for bleaching — ECF-method (Elemental Chlorine Free). And according to my friend, whose child was a guinea pig for me, the diaper is soft and does a fantastic job of wicking away moisture (no diaper rash).

In a genius move, the size is written on each diaper, and depending on what size your child wears there are cute little corresponding decorations: monkeys, ladybugs, frogs and bunnies….No more grabbing the wrong size, because you can’t find the right size since they all have the same characters on them. And as an extra added bonus, there is a wetness indicator printed back of the diaper that blurs out as it gets wet. So even the most diaper challenged member of your family will know when it is time to make the change.

You can Subscribe and Save on Amazon. But if you want to try out a pack, Bambo Nature Diaper will give “Inspired” readers a 15% discount. Just put “Inspired” in the the promotional code space. There aren’t any totally green diapers out there, but these are pretty close.