Fantastic magical unbreakable drinking glasses for kids and grown-ups!

Recently, I was having dinner at my friends’ house. They love to cook and I love to eat, so it works out well. They opened the Chardonnay that I had brought and poured it into these cute little glasses. Suddenly, I had one of those Proustian madeleine moments. I vividly remembered sitting at a table at a sidewalk café in Paris drinking Pernod out of those same glasses. We were discussing the brooms the street sweepers use in Paris that look like a witch should be riding on them, except for the fact that they are made out of brightly-colored plastic. Have you seen those brooms? I have never understood why they didn’t change the design to be more like the conventional brooms you get in the U.S. when they started making them out of plastic. I wonder about this every time I see them.

I digress. It turns out that the cute little wine glasses are made in France by Duralex and called “Picardie.” The stackable glasses are well used for wine, tea or espresso with a drop of milk. They have been in production since 1927 with virtually the same elegant design. In 1939 Duralex introduced tempering, which means that the glass is basically unbreakable unless you have polished concrete floors.

Voila! I suddenly realized that these glasses, which make me want to visit Paris in the Spring, are great for kids. I got a set of the “Gigogne” tumblers and love them. I admit that plastic cups are a god send for parents. But they are either full of BPA, or are BPA free, but could be full of some other non-regulated toxin. The Duralex glasses are both BPA and PVC free. I feel better having my daughter drink out of a glass. And I feel better knowing that when she drops that glass; I will be cleaning up juice or water and picking up a glass.