Nocturnal confession

All day I stare at my iphone waiting for my client to call. The call is very important. It is so important that I use it as an excuse not to go to my regular Pilates mat class, or to go to the market to get some milk. Everything must wait. My daughter is in school most of the day. But fate has it that my client calls just after I have picked her up. I think fast, run and turn on the TV. Netflix has become my de facto babysitter of choice for client calls and when I am making dinner.

I used to feel guilty about letting my daughter watch TV when I needed to send a few emails, or check out my friends on Facebook, but no more. When my daughter was just three, her school tested the speech and hearing of all the kids. The speech therapist showed my daughter a picture… Her mind blowing answer, “that is an owl; it is nocturnal.” Sadly, I wasn’t responsible for that answer; I hadn’t been reading National Geographic to her. She had learned about nocturnal animals on “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.” But I had proof. I could stop feeling bad for not being Waldorf-y enough. TV can be educational and fun. And CPS wasn’t going to come after all.

Her current faves are: the Backyardigans, WordWorld, Pingu, Kipper and Angelina Ballerina. What are your favorites?