New School Year, New Year* and New School

Yikes! I really don’t know where the summer has gone. Besides, an unplanned “staycation” in Modena, Italy (the land of balsamic vinegar and tortelloni) and our annual trip to Toronto and NYC to visit friends and family, we seem to have spent most of the summer at the Santa Monica YMCA. Yes. The Y. My daughter was enrolled in camp and swim class. I felt like I lived there — dropping her off, picking her up and going back for swim class — every day. But camp and swim class are over. We have had a few lazy, unscheduled days before my daughter starts a new preschool. Last Spring, I made the agonizing decision to take my daughter out of her super-small and loving preschool to put her in a neighborhood school that is TWO blocks away and offers a better opportunity to be part of a community.

With the new school year and a new school comes the need to buy back-to-school items. Being a big Hello Kitty fan myself, I couldn’t help but get her a new Hello Kitty lunch box. I also had to pick up a sleeping bag for nap time. How could I deny her a Disney princess bag?

But I did find her a few eco-friendly non-branded lunch items for her. I love lunchskins. They are such a clever idea. Why use a ton of sandwich bags, when you can use a reusable and well designed, lunch, or snack bag? The lunchskins come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. I chose the pink floral one for my little princepessa.

My absolute favorite food containers are baby cubes. Strangely, I never used them for storing fresh-made baby food. I have only used them for carrying around snacks. The lids are attached, which is a life-changer. Once they are closed they do not leak, which means no more cereal, or raisins in my purse. They are perfect for packing almonds, dried mango, cookies, blueberries, or whatever. And they are easy enough to open that most of the times my daughter can do it without dumping everything everywhere.

*There is still time to order your New Year’s cards in time for Rosh Hashanah!