Hello Wendy & Ariston, Goodbye Souris

There’s no doubt that running a company has its share of stresses and its guilty pleasures. For the last few months, one of my guilty indulgences has been taking a few minutes out of my day a few times a week to read Souris’ posts on Inspired (this blog!). Unfortunately for us, Souris is trading in her full time mom (with some moments where she snuck away to write for us and others) gig to return to the entertainment world she once ruled – and yes, that means she now has two full time jobs instead of just one. She starts her gig as a startup exec next week and we have no doubt we’ll be reading about her and her startup shortly. She’s has promised not to be a stranger and maybe we can even convince her to do a few cameo guest posts in the future. Souris – good luck, we shall miss you so and I thought this picture really captured the spunk, spirit and fun of Souris. (ps I encourage you to follow her on her personal blogs: Hustler of Culture, Tiny Iron Fists and make sure to buy her book when it’s published). Go get em, Souris!

But just as one chapter closes, a new one  opens. And I am thrilled to introduce not one, but two new bloggers, Wendy and Ariston. As always, Wendy and Ariston will share their inspirations, especially as they relate to modern design and sustainability – and more importantly, we hope all of you will share your ideas with them as well.

Wendy takes the mommy and SoCal torch from Souris. In her own words, “I am a single Mom of an almost four-year-old soon to be princess-ballerina-chef. We live in Santa Monica now. I lived in NYC for many years before returning to LA, where I am from and where most of my family still lives.” She has written for Cool Hunting for over 7 years and strolled the corporate halls at Nike, WalMart and Pepsi. And apparently, she likes having 11 year olds take her intro post picture with a cat that’s not even hers.

And while we lose one ‘hustler of culture’, I’m quite sure that Ariston is going to step in to make her own mark in that department, not to mention keeping us West Coasters honest with an East Coast point of view – who said the East Coast / West Coast rivalry was dead with Puff Daddy?!? Ariston settled in New York over a decade ago to start writing for the Village Voice. Over the years she has evolved into a culture writer, covering all things travel, eco, design, fashion, and lifestyle for sites like Luxist, Cool Hunting, the Huffington Post, JustLuxe, and the99percent.com. For a year she edited the blog of DoSomething.org, a national nonprofit for teens which encourages kids to do good in the world. Today, she is a leading identifier of current trends in arts and design as a digital strategist for Fortune 500 brands including, Pepsi, Target, HBO, Jeep, and nonprofits including TED and UNDP. Her daily musings can be found @aristonian and now, on here on Inspired.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had an opportunity to work alongside Souris, and with the anticipation of a 7 yr old boy on the night before Christmas – I look forward to doing the same with Wendy and Ariston moving forward. I hope you all will join me in thanking Souris and welcoming Wendy and Ariston!