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Surrur, the sound a sewing machine makes, if you are in Finland.

I am this close to signing up for a sewing class. Although, I did take sewing in 7th grade, where I made a strange-looking stuffed-animal from a kit. Saying my sewing machine skills are basic, may be too generous. But I will admit that I am pretty darn good at darning and replacing buttons using the “old school” needle and thread.

Surrur” is the sound that a sewing machine makes, if you are in Finland. It is ok if you can’t pronounce it, as 40% of Fins including their President, Tarja Kaarina Halonen, can’t trill their “Rs.” It is also the title of the amazing new “make your own Marimekko” book that I had to have from Crate and Barrel. [read more]

Why don’t we take advantage of what we have?

beachieWhy does it take an out of town guest to get me out of my routine? And why does it take so long for me to get back into it?

Basically, I live 22 blocks from the beach. I really don’t understand why is it so hard for me to zip there to watch the waves crashing on the beach when I have a free hour, or two. Instead I squander my free time by checking facebook updates or reading the New York Times online.
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Nocturnal confession

All day I stare at my iphone waiting for my client to call. The call is very important. It is so important that I use it as an excuse not to go to my regular Pilates mat class, or to go to the market to get some milk. Everything must wait. My daughter is in school most of the day. But fate has it that my client calls just after I have picked her up. I think fast, run and turn on the TV. Netflix has become my de facto babysitter of choice for client calls and when I am making dinner.

I used to feel guilty about letting my daughter watch TV when I needed to send a few emails, or check out my friends on Facebook, but no more. When my daughter was just three, her school tested the speech and hearing of all the kids. The speech therapist showed my daughter a picture… Her mind blowing answer, “that is an owl; it is nocturnal.” Sadly, I wasn’t responsible for that answer; I hadn’t been reading National Geographic to her. She had learned about nocturnal animals on “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.” But I had proof. I could stop feeling bad for not being Waldorf-y enough. TV can be educational and fun. And CPS wasn’t going to come after all.

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New School Year, New Year* and New School

Yikes! I really don’t know where the summer has gone. Besides, an unplanned “staycation” in Modena, Italy (the land of balsamic vinegar and tortelloni) and our annual trip to Toronto and NYC to visit friends and family, we seem to have spent most of the summer at the Santa Monica YMCA. Yes. The Y. My daughter was enrolled in camp and swim class. I felt like I lived there — dropping her off, picking her up and going back for swim class — every day. But camp and swim class are over. We have had a few lazy, unscheduled days before my daughter starts a new preschool. Last Spring, I made the agonizing decision to take my daughter out of her super-small and loving preschool to put her in a neighborhood school that is TWO blocks away and offers a better opportunity to be part of a community.

With the new school year and a new school comes the need to buy back-to-school items. Being a big Hello Kitty fan myself, I couldn’t help but get her a new Hello Kitty lunch box. I also had to pick up a sleeping bag for nap time. How could I deny her a Disney princess bag?

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A Paper Love Story

In traditional American gift-giving, a couple’s first-year anniversary calls for paper. But how does a creative type make something original while still giving a nod to traditional culture? Art Director Ariele Rosch found the answer in a short film she made for her husband Peter to commemorate the day. In it, a paper doll comes to life and embarks on a paper-plane adventure, bumping into a fellow traveler. You know the rest of the story. With a crash and a boom they fall in love.

It’s a beautifully sweet video that made me smile today. I particularly love the wild camera angles that give the simple images a lot more weight. If you’re not adept at stop motion animation, don’t feel like you can’t give an original present to your paramour. Take a cue from Rosch, and with any paper gift, use the first leaf to draw a picture or write a letter that they’ll want to keep forever.

What’s the best anniversary present you’ve ever heard of?

Hello Wendy & Ariston, Goodbye Souris

There’s no doubt that running a company has its share of stresses and its guilty pleasures. For the last few months, one of my guilty indulgences has been taking a few minutes out of my day a few times a week to read Souris’ posts on Inspired (this blog!). Unfortunately for us, Souris is trading in her full time mom (with some moments where she snuck away to write for us and others) gig to return to the entertainment world she once ruled – and yes, that means she now has two full time jobs instead of just one.  [read more]