Inspired by the Blogosphere!

Hello, my name is Souris and I am a blogoholic. I’ve been reading weblogs (hah, remember when they were called that?) for nearly a decade and according to Google Reader, I subscribe to 1,391 blogs.

No doubt, someone, somewhere, inspires me daily.  I thought I’d try a little experiment and type “Inspired”, into my blog reader’s search box to see what results pulled up. Following are five hits that had the word “inspired” in them and actually inspire me (to do something) and hopefully you too!

1. NOTCOT – Pocket Dept Notebooks – I hate when I have an immediate need to jot something down (when a smart phone simply won’t do) and I can’t find a spare scrap of paper anywhere. Introducing, Pocket Dept, makers of a notebook for every pocket.

In their own words, Pocket Dept is, “a line of handy notebooks inspired by vintage stationary and designed to suit every pocket. Each Pocket Dept book is made from the finest writing papers and perfect bound for strength and durability. Designed and manufactured with recycled materials by Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY – from our workshop to your pocket.”

I think they’re French series is très chic!

2. Craft – How-To: Cage Makeup for Burning Man – Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! I can’t even apply eyeliner with a steady hand so the thought of attempting to create such an amazing face has totally got me stoked to see what else people might be rocking on the Playa this week.

Makeup artist, Freddy Lopez created this striking look for Black Rock City-goers and shares easy-to-follow (I’ll watch from afar) DIY instructions to replicate the face that will garner thousands of Flickr hits.



3. Poketo – Get Stuck (In A Good Way) – I live with a sticker hoarder… myself, and now my two-year-old is getting in on the gummy action. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve washed laundry only to find half a rainbow sticker totally stuck to a piece of clothing (totally my fault, yo)!

This sticker and tape-related Poketo post has got me drooling all over again. They released colorful stickers and box tapes online last week and then looked for non-traditional ways that people use them. Their friends came up with some pretty ingenious ideas including: party invitations, vase decorations, material for an always-changing inspiration board, and wall art. Do you use tape and stickers for anything but the obvious?

4. Babble – Chairs Before and After: 20 Inspiring Chair Makeovers – I’m totally addicted to home porn. I drool at your kitchens. I love your walls covered in art. I can’t get enough looks at your furniture. And I have a special place in my heart for seating options. I love chairs. Skinny ones. Fat ones. Couches. Bean bags. Loveseats. Chaise lounges. You name it, I want to sit on it.

So when I stumbled upon this post of 20 before and after chair remodels, I was totally blown away. Upon first look, I definitely would’ve kicked to the curb many of these chairs, but after seeing the amazing examples of how to give an old thing a new look and life, I’m beginning to think I should begin dumpster diving for dining chairs again. As someone who’s inherited and reupholstered a well-loved couch, this post totally made my day!

5. Treehugger – Adorable Handmade Baby Ponchos Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles – With my kid outgrowing her clothes so quickly, I’m always on the hunt for stylish and eco-friendly clothing lines.

Another accidental start up, Peri Ponchos was created by a mother who made a poncho for her daughter and then ended up making more ponchos for children at her daughter’s school. That was nine years ago.

Protect your kid from the elements in a Peri Ponchos made of Eco-Fleece fabric (which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles). Mid-weight, soft and cozy, I can only imagine how wonderful it might be to snuggle up to my kid in one of these! I just want to know, how do they make plastic bottles feel so soft?!