A Buzzworthy Baby Shower

Here at Paper Culture we celebrate many precious moments together from summer barbecues, to birthday celebrations, to major milestones such as weddings. So it’s with great joy that we share our designer Tammy Sun‘s sweet baby shower with you.

Before finding out their baby girl’s gender, Tammy and her husband were calling the baby, “Bumby” and the nickname totally stuck. While planning for the baby shower, Tammy didn’t want to go the all-pink route (she is a self-professed tomboy) and chose a neutral color palate of pale yellows and dove grays to set the tone. She settled on a bee-themed party and the cute-as-can-be baby shower was an absolute success.

Tammy designed the baby shower invitation, the Stroller Peek-A-Boo and as one of the many perks of being a part of the team, she was able to customize the colors of her invitation to match her party’s palate. The end result was displayed on a wooden easel.

Tammy used mason jars (re-used from canning jams) for beverage mugs and added whimsical striped paper straws for added charm.

Her talented pastry chef-sister created a lovely dessert platter complete with a cake stand constructed from recycled cardboard and covered with found ribbon. The desserts on the plate included passion fruit curd tart, s’mores pudding cups, blackberry mochi cake, and a small yellow butter cake in the middle. A mini tea luncheon was also served on yellow gingham fabric.

Tammy’s family and friends honored her with an amazing party. Check out the bee-autiful ladies of Paper Culture. From left to right are Katy, April, Huiling and Tammy!

As a thank you to all who attended, party goers left with small jars filled with honey from the farmers’ market. Jute twine and old yellow ribbon adorned the jars. Aren’t the labels adorable?

It’s easy as one-two-three to create a bee-themed baby shower. A few decoration ideas might include: bright yellow candy and licorice in jars, yellow and black balloons, and bright sunflowers for floral arrangements. Food and drink can be anything lemon- or honey- flavored and other party favors might include something from Burt’s Bees‘s product line or beeswax candles.

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Best of luck to Tammy, the mama-to-bee (sorry, I can’t help myself)!