What Inspired Me This Week: SASAKI Heartbeat Japan


Earlier this week, I attended Dwell on Design, the home and design expo in downtown Los Angeles. While there was a lot to see,  feel, and sit on, I was surprised that a sound-related event would grab my attention. In the far corner of the LA Convention Center’s West Hall, I could hear a steady and loud heart beat. A confidant thump, thump, thump, thump. What is that?

I followed the sound and stumbled upon, Japanese artist SASAKI performing live, “Heartbeat Drawing Project” an installation where he listens to and paints conference attendee’s heartbeats. I watched the artist attach different donors to a sensor and while they sat peacefully, he airbrush painted the real-time rhythm of a participant’s heartbeat.

The performance raised money for Architecture for Humanity‘s relief and rebuilding efforts for the tsunami victims in Japan. What a great touchy-feely project! Be still our beating hearts!