Swing Into Summer

334/365  Tire Swing Bench Monday!

334/365 Tire Swing Bench Monday!

Summer’s here! Which means airport runs for some families. Instead of packing for a stressful flight elsewhere, why not save money, enjoy a staycation and let your kids “fly” at home?!

I’ve spun myself silly for hours on end with this favorite childhood past time — the tire swing. And the best part aside from it being pretty easy to set up, is it really brings the neighborhood kids together. All you need is a strong and willing tree, a tire (save one from the junk yard), nylon rope or metal chain, and simple hardware.

Martha Stewart‘s team shares easy-to-follow directions with helpful reader’s comments including this one, “Tires have a tendency of leaving black on the kids clothes. If you will paint the tire with a marine grade urethane varnish this will not happen.”

Popular Mechanics offers a visual how-to for making a horizontally hung tire using tire chains for those who prefer hardcore Ikea-like building instructions.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, summer makes me nostalgic for long days spent manning lemonade stands, riding bikes, crafting with friends, and swinging into the sunset. If backyards are meant for family activities, tree swings are where fond memories are made. What are some of your favorite tree swing moments? Mine include, holding on for dear life, leaning all the way back and lots of loud belly laughter!

Bonus: Enjoy this sweet “Tire Swing” song by Kimya Dawson to get yourself in the mood for lazy summer days.