So Sweet: Lemonade Stands!

School’s out! It’s the time of year for smores, campfires, and swimming (and a much needed break for parents everywhere). According to NPR, studies show that students lose months of reading and math skills over summer vacation. Apart from enrolling your kids in summer school or camp, how will you keep your kids engaged this summer?

I’m a big fan of lemonade stands as they teach children the basic rules of commerce (making and saving money) and entrepreneurship and are a fun and easy way to practice math. My 11 year old cousin, Ari pays for his summer purchases by operating his lemonade stand every couple of weeks and enjoys the outdoor activity tremendously.

Hearing kids yell, “Ice cold lemonade! 50 cents a cup!” is totally endearing. Lemonade stands always make me smile. A bit of whimsy and a lot of nostalgia, I can hardly drive or walk past kids in action without stopping to support their efforts. If you’re interested in helping your child organize a drink booth, One Charming Party has step-by-step instructions for creating the loveliest lemonade stand, I’ve ever seen. And if the stand wasn’t adorable enough, check out the treats and toys to accompany the summer refreshers. I think you’ll agree, it’s so sweet!

Martha Stewart, drink your heart out! 🙂