Art Smart (Five of Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Art Supplies)

You can never doodle, glue, or create too much art. I’m currently obsessed with eco-friendly art supplies for kids and want to share a few of my favorites with you:

Crazy Crayon Eco Stars – $10 – These twenty non-toxic, 100% recycled and recyclable, star-shaped crayons come in each box.  Measuring two inches in length, each point is great for precision illustrations or for coloring outside the lines. Psst. If you’ve got a few, useless, nubby crayons at home, consider sending them in to Crazy Crayon’s National Crayon Recycle Program.

Eco-Kids Eco Dough – $24 – Made from plant, fruit and vegetable bases, your kids are going to love punching, pulling, twisting and pinching this eco-friendly play dough to form their favorite object. Completely compostable and without chemicals, artificial dyes or metals, this product is 100% natural.

Pro tip: Unlike the other brands, this dough doesn’t dry out. If accidentally left out overnight, add a few drops of olive oil and its as good as new.

Romero Britto for P’kolino Finger Paints – $11 – Unleash your little Picasso’s talent with these bright and cheerful finger paints. Made with non-toxic, water-based washable paints, this high quality paint goes on smooth and does not run.

Let your little one make modern masterpieces (i.e. refrigerator art) with these European paints by Jovi and don’t worry about staining clothes.

3 Sprouts Art Smock – $20 – These adorable animal art smocks will protect tops from paint, markers and more. Made of non-toxic PEVA and un-dyed natural cotton the 3 Sprouts art smock is perfect for all aspiring artists. Dimensions measure 17.5” in height and 15” in width. To clean, just take a damp sponge and wipe dry.



Urban Infant Chunky Chalk – $20 – Not enough space indoors? Want to spread a little neighborhood cheer? Take your children outside and transform your boring old sidewalk into a ginormous drawing board with this fun-in-the-sun product. More vivid than standard chalk tones, these eco-friendly five giant chalks are 4.25” in length and 1.75” diameter and produced with non-toxic dyes.

It’s easy to go green with the colors of the rainbow! Give children the tools to create using environmentally friendly ingredients. If you’ve got an earth- and child-approved favorite art supply, we’d like to hear about it.