Reckless or Worthy of a Rad Dad Award?

Michael Roth image courtesy of AP

About a week ago, a South Carolina car salesman made the news when his son, Michael Roth, a college baseball pitcher tweeted, “How’s this for dedication? My dad had to quit his job to make it out to Omaha. Couldn’t get here last year. #novacationdays” announcing that his father, David Roth had given notice to his work, to follow Michael to the College World Series. Michael pitched a winning game against Texas A&M on Father’s Day and they will share this memory, forever, together.

It made me think about the hard decisions and sacrifices parents have to make for their children. While making small sacrifices seems reasonable (like saving up for college or driving kids to practices and games), do you think, in the same position, you would have done something as impressive and dramatic for your child?I admire David Roth, but I’m not sure my immigrant roots would’ve allowed me the luxury of doing something so drastic. I found this quote by an online commenter that sums up part of what I’m feeling, “The good times are fleeting, the regrets of missing the joyous times last forever!”

Was quitting work the only way David was going to see his son in action? What about the tough economy? High unemployment? Paying the bills? Then again, what about the opportunity to see your child perform in such an arena? Or showing your child, they are your number one priority? Do you think David Roth’s actions were reckless or worthy of a Rad Dad Award? I’m curious to know.