Pinterest Has Got My Interest

Warning: Do not read the following post unless you’ve got hours ahead to spare.

Remember how back in the day you’d get lost in the eBay black hole? And how years later you replaced eBay with Facebook? Well… let’s just say, I’ve replaced all the above for my new online amour, Pinterest, a virtual pinboard and “a place to catalog the things you love”. Or as I like to call it, My Favorite New Time Suck!

For hobbyists, book markers and list keepers like me, Pinterest offers an amazing solution for pinning all your visual thoughts down, nice and neat. It’s really simple to create boards (or topics) and to start saving visual memories, stat. With just a few clicks, an idea stuck in my head is now something real for me to reference. And for people with passion projects (or just passions), it’s a very cool way to gather and exchange thoughts, inspirations, and ideas.

Lulu’s birthday party is this weekend and I created a board to help me focus on the party’s theme, overall look and feel. High five for the practical applications too. The birthday board allowed me to bookmark vendors for the whale cookies I made in lieu of a cake this year. And since I’m a planner, I’m pretty excited about all the new boards I’ll create in the months to come.

Although you still have to request an invite (which I believe are plenty), are any of you using Pinterest? I want to know what other creative ways you are using it for? Any shortcuts or tips? Please share!