Happy (Almost) Father’s Day!

Once upon a time, there was another family member who laughed at the noises his own body made who was also totally adorable. And then life moved forward and he became the father of your child. In a few days we’ll be celebrating his very being for Father’s Day and I wanted to share with you, some of the best gifts, papas I know recently received that cost a little but meant a lot.

To all the rad dads out there, this one’s for you, Happy Father’s Day!

My friend Ed believes the “… the art from my kids still is the best but the smallest thing I refer to constantly is my Weber grilling cookbook. [It’s] very suburban of me but I always check it for recipes and especially cooking times for different cuts of meat.” Handmade gifts are truly original and thoughtful and a fun and crafty way for a parent and child to spend time together. I wouldn’t have immediately thought to purchase dad a cookbook, but I guess, one related to barbecues (and the foods he enjoys) makes a pretty nifty gift.

Ian in Atlanta says he enjoys spending time doing an activity together with his family, “Often we go to play mini-golf,” and that makes him happy enough. With competing schedules, it can be hard to get the clan together. What’s up with golf and dads anyway? A colleague of mine mentioned that this year he and his brother are going to play golf with their dad after he realized, “the last five [gifts] were stacked on the table unopened”. Dedicating a window of time to just hang seems like a real winner. Some of my fondest memories of spending time with my dad were of the ones like these.

Pierre, a father of twins claims, he enjoys an “exceptional meal provided by his family.” Yep. Cooking and eating together is filling and fulfilling. Everybody has a favorite meal too so it’s easy to plan for. That said, my buddy Jason enjoys eating out at a nice restaurant with his family. His son Max is a tween so sharing a meal in public has become enjoyable again for Jason. It’s easy to see why studies that show families who routinely eat together also seem happier in general.

And sometimes it’s just the gesture of an every day occurrence that makes Father’s Day fun. Chris, here at Paper Culture, enjoyed Baby B running up to him to say, “Happy Baasahrs Day” (a two year old’s attempt to say, “Happy Father’s Day”) even though she tripped as she came to give him a hug.  The moment made everyone laugh and we feel, these priceless moments are the ones  parents enjoy and get a kick out of.

We hope that however you choose to celebrate the caretaker and father in your life this weekend, that you will be able to continue to cherish him for more than just one day a year. Happy Father’s Day to all!